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Care, Learn, Achieve

Worship Council

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Red Nose Day
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Worship Council would like to say a big thank you for the money raised for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March. With your donations and the money raised from the cake sale, we managed to achieve a total of £308.75! Thank you for all of your efforts.
Street Treats Appeal
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Worship Council would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who donated to our Street Treats appeal. We were inundated with your drawstring bags! Thank you for doing your bit for the homeless community of Manchester.

World War I Centenary
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Worship Council helped to lead sessions within their classes to commemorate the Centenary of World War I. One of the activities they suggested was to create plastic poppies from used drinks bottles and use these to make a memorial.

Purple Pinkie Day.

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Purple Pinkie Day. 2
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Thank you to Worsley Rotary Club for organising Purple Pinkie Day.

Worship Council have been a great help to them and ensured that the event ran very smoothly!

Thank you for all your donations, they have helped us all to show our compassion for others.

Thank you for helping us to do 'All We Can' 

Thank you to everyone who came to our cake sale this Friday and for all the cake donations too! We managed to raise £150 for our chosen charity 'All We Can'. We chose this charity as it is a Methodist charity who are helping some of the poorest communities in Zimbabwe by  giving them the resources to start their own small businesses . Thank you for helping us to fulfil our rotakids pledge this harvest time. 

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Our Worship Council is made up of two representatives from each of the junior classes. This year, we were once again inundated with applications with children wishing to be part of our Worship Council. Each child had the opportunity to present their vision to their class and then children voted to choose their two class representatives. Remember, even if you are not the chosen representative this year, everyone has an important part to play in the life of our school and demonstrating daily, the Methodist values that we are proud of and that demonstrate our distinctively Methodist character and ethos. If you have any good ideas of how we can show our value each half term in school, please speak to your Worship Councillors. Remember, we will be looking out for children demonstrating our school values and awarding them with Wise Owl tokens.