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Salford School Partnership


Introduction to Salford School Partnership

Salford School Partnership is a new model of Early Help.  It is an early intervention  approach to  supporting children and families when problems start to emerge. Its primary aims are to enable timely provision of early intervention and  preventative services for children, young people and their families  to reduce the number of children and young people referred to children’s  social care and other specialist services. 

This ‘team around the school’ approach involves a multi-agency partnership discussion of the emerging needs identified.  The agencies within the meeting, share and discuss information and ways of providing early help and support to the child(ren), young person and family and agree a smart action plan to share with the family to help enable them to overcome their difficulties at the earliest opportunity. All partner agencies work within a framework of early help, with the aim of preventing issues escalating into Children’s Social Care. Salford School Partnership aims to build trust and improve communications across agencies so that information sharing is effective and appropriate. 


Partnership meetings will take place weekly within a locality and the invitation is open to all schools across the academic term. With parental consent, school representatives will bring families for discussion, where emerging need(s) have been identified.