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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


We are Year 3, our teacher is Mr Brown and our teaching assistants are Mrs Foster and Mrs Sargeant.

Loki The Joker - Assembly Song

Boothstown Sandwiches!

Amazing Magnets

We have been learning about magnets in Science and we have found out some really interesting things! We now know that our planet acts like a giant magnet. To investigate we studied how a compass works and made one of our own. 

Roman Trip!


We all had a fantastic time at the Dewa Centre in Chester



Next half term Year three will be partaking in swimming lessons as part of the P.E. curriculum.


The sessions will be at Worsley Pool and will begin the week commencing 5th February 2018. 


All the specific arrangements will be sent home in January but I would like you to be aware that the school has to adhere to the following guidelines contained within the pools' policy.


1. All children must wear a swimming cap.


2. Jewellery is not permitted to be worn in the pool.


3. Dress - Boys should wear appropriate swimming trunks that must finish above the knee. Girls should wear one-piece bathing costumes. 


Further information about the swimming programme can be found in the policy below. 

Puppet Theatres


This week we have researched, planned, designed and created some amazing puppet theatres! There has been so many different and exciting designs, and all of them looked wonderful.


Well done Year Three! 


Fantastic D&T work!

Art Visitor!


On Monday 29th January we were lucky enough to have an artist come and visit us. Paul Pickford came into our class to teach us some drawing techniques. We found out how to draw Roald Dahl characters like Quentin Blake, shade and cross-hatch to make things look 3D and even made our own puppet theatres! 



Seed dispersal investigation.


We have been looking at how plants disperse their seeds, and why it is important to try and disperse the seed away from the plant.


We found that some plants use the wind to help disperse their seeds.


We investigated different sized wing spans to see which stayed in the air the longest.

Chester Zoo


Year 3 all had a great time at the zoo last Thursday! We had the chance to see lots of animals from the rainforest. We also got to find out more about deforestation and things that are being done to save the rainforest.

No Pens Day!


Today has been No Pens Day, we have done some French and Music in the morning with Miss McGinn and Mrs Minshall.


In the afternoon, we did some Geography activities with an Atlas. We found the Equator, found countries along the Equator and their capital cities. We looked for countries between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (The Tropics), and we located the tropical rainforests. 


Then we covered the tables in paper and practised our letter formation and tricky joins using paint. At the end of the day we used the paint to create some rainforest artwork.



Today we have been looking at doubling and halving. We have played some games to help us remember single digit doubles, and we have used partitioning to double and halve 2-digit numbers. 


Archive - Our time in Y2

We had 29 children in our class. Our class teacher was called Mrs Yates and our teaching assistant was called Mrs Sargeant.