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Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

In addition to providing opportunities for our pupils to experience learning beyond the school environment and visiting places of interest, we are committed to developing our school outdoor spaces to take ‘learning outside the classroom’, but within the school grounds and local area. We already have a small gardening area, a fantastic woodland trail, a storyteller’s corner and an outdoor lodge, and are looking to develop a woodland teaching space.

Our school considers it vital that we maintain a broad and balanced curriculum. This includes ensuring that pupils have first-hand experiences and have chance to see and take part in activities outside the classroom. We embrace all that our local area has to offer and encourage families to take advantage of local amenities. Our school grounds provide rich opportunities that can engage all pupils effectively in understanding about sustainability and the environment. Visits outside of school, including residential opportunities are built into our curriculum and enhance children's learning. 

Aims and objectives

  • To introduce pupils to range of new and first hand experiences
  • To develop the curriculum through using the local environment and community
  • To offer pupils exciting and stimulating experiences that enthuse them in their learning
  • To develop self-esteem through providing a range of opportunities for pupils to excel
  • For pupils to develop their social skills, independence and resilience through experiencing a residential activity


Learning outside the classroom - our core offer

We offer the following entitlement to all of our pupils:



Entitlement 1 

 We provide all pupils with at least one residential activity. 

Entitlement 2 

 All pupils experience at least two trips/ visits each year. 

Entitlement  3

 Outside the classroom enrichment activities/wow events are provided for all  pupils at least termly.

Entitlement 4 

 All pupils take part in 'gardening' activities over the year. 

Entitlement  5

 All pupils will have opportunity to participate in at least three productions over  the year. This might include assemblies, concerts, services or another special  event.

Entitlement 6

 All pupils have the opportunity to take part in at least one extra-curricular  activity during the academic year.

Entitlement 7 

 All pupils are entitled to learn a musical instrument.