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All information and updates regarding Coronavirus closure can be found on our ‘letters’ page. Home learning is on the class pages under the ‘children’ tab.
Care, Learn, Achieve


Headteacher - Miss K. Armfield                                     Business Manager - Ms J. Fleming

Deputy Headteacher - Miss D. Taylor                           Office Clerk - Mrs A. Redstone

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs H. Kelly                            Site Manager - Mr C. Bunting


Nursery - Miss R. Neill

Reception - Miss D. Sloman

Year 1 - Mrs H. Jones

Year 2 - Miss G. Yates

Year 3 - Miss V. Wright

Year 4 - Mr M. Twist

Year 5 - Miss A. Kearsley

Year 6 - Mrs H. Kelly

PPA - Miss D. Taylor




Teaching Assistants

Early Years - ,  Mrs R. Robinson,  Mrs A. Garfield, Mrs C. Morrison, Miss M. Ali, Mrs M. O'Malley

Key Stage 1 - Mrs L. Smith, Mrs K. Wheeldon, Mrs A. Cunliffe.

Key Stage 2 - Mrs C. Mort, Mrs C. Foster, Mrs J. Patel, Mrs J. Sargeant, Miss L. Winstanley


Kitchen Staff

Cook Supervisor - Mrs J. O'Neill