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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

There are 30 children in our class. Our teacher is Miss Copping and our teaching assistants are Mrs Smith and Mrs Cunliffe.


In DT we have been learning about different moving mechanisms. Today, we read the story of the Gingerbread Man and made a sliding mechanism to show the character chasing the Gingerbread Man through the town. We created a slit in our pictures and created a slider using a lolly pop stick to allow the character to move. We also made a wheel mechanism using the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. We used split pins to create an axis for our wheel. We drew a picture of the wolf getting bigger and bigger to show him getting closer to Little Red Riding Hood in the background.


In Art we have been looking at creating different effects by using printing. We painted a picture of a lion by printing with different objects. We used our hand for his body, sponge for it's mane and lolly pop sticks for the grass. We were very impressed by the effects the made!



Our new topic in Science is all about how to keep our bodies healthy. Today, we discussed the importance of exercise. we talked about how this keeps our heart healthy and makes it stronger. To look at the effects in more detail, we investigated which exercises make our heart beat faster. We measured our pulse after running, hopping, balancing a bean bag on our heads and throwing a bean bag to a friend. 



In Science we have been investigating how plants spread their seeds in order to grow. We made our own helicopter seed out of card and investigated how they move in the wind. Some of our seeds were dispersed better than others and one even flew all the way onto the roof!

Delamere Forest


The children had a brilliant time at Delamere Forest! They completed a number of activities such as orienteering, den building/ forest survival, pond dipping, stream shuffling and team working games. They also had campfire in the evening and went on a lovely night time walk through the forest. The children had a fantastic time and showed some brilliant team work skills! We were all very proud of how well they worked together and supported each other during the tasks.

Delamere Forest 2018

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Today we practised placing 2 digit numbers on a blank number line. We went outside to create a human number line! We had lots of fun putting 2 digit numbers on the number line and estimating what numbers were being shown by standing in certain positions along the line.

Science Investigation!

In Science we have been investigating the properties of different materials. We have been testing whether we can bend, stretch, twist or squash different everyday materials. We had a lot of fun experimenting with the equipment and recorded our results in a table.


In English we have been making links to our learning in Topic about the Great Fire of London. We have been writing flame poems titled 'I am a flame.' To gather inspiration we went outside with our own paper flames and moved as we thought flames would. First we wiggled, then we swayed and then we spread! This helped us to think of creative verbs and adjectives to make our poems more exciting!

Freshwater Theatre Company Visits Y2!

Last Friday, Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Freshwater Theatre Company. During the morning, children took part in an exciting drama workshop, which lead them through the events of the Great Fire of London. They stepped back in time to recreate scenes of everyday life in Pudding Lane, the fire itself, the frantic escape and make decisions about how to rebuild the city. They also met Samuel Pepys, King Charles II and the Lord Mayor of London along the way. Fantastic acting Year 2!



In English, we have written and proof read our 'I am a flame' poems. Today we became performers and read our poem to the rest of the class. This helped us to develop our performance skills and we had the opportunity to practise our speaking and listening skills. We were very proud of our work and enjoyed showing off our hard work to the rest of the class!


Today we recreated the Great Fire of London! We used our DT skills to work in groups to create houses from Pudding Lane using cardboard boxes, paint and straw. We used these materials as we had learnt that the houses in 1666 were made from wood with straw rooves. Then, we went outside and positioned the houses close together, as the buildings were often built close together before the fire. After that, we set one of the boxes on fire. We pretended this was Thomas Farrynor's bakery where the fire started. We watched as the wind helped the fire to spread from house to house. 


As our new Topic is Action People, we have been learning about the astronaut, Niel Armstrong. Today, we pretended we were astronauts and tried some astronaut foods. Then, we wrote down words to describe the foods we tried. We have decided we aren't sure we would like to be an astronaut if these are foods we'd have to eat! 


To continue our learning about Neil Armstrong, we have created space themed portraits. We used black card and chalk to draw a picture of what we imagined Neil Armstrong to look like in space, based on the things we had looked at in class. We experimented using techniques such as dotting, smudging and swirling to create the effect we wanted.


In Maths, we have been learning all about multiplication. Today we were looking at arrays to help us visualise our times tables. To practise this, we went outside and created arrays in groups using cones on the playground. This helped us to picture the arrays and allowed us to help each other by working in groups. When we had gotten the hang of this, we went into the classroom and practised drawing arrays to answer some questions independently on our whiteboards.


Recently, we have begun learning about the female Action Person, Amelia Earhart. We have been looking at the flight path of her 'around the world' journey and discussed the mystery surrounding her disappearance! We have also talked about how important it was that she was one of the first female pilots. Today, we created our own aeroplane themed pictures using pencil crayons and paint. We practised our motor skills by cutting out our own plane and propeller, designed our own shell and got messy dipping our hands in paint to create our wings using our hand-print!

Archive - Our time in Year One!


We had 29 children in our class. Our class teacher was called Miss Smith and our teaching assistant was called Mrs Smith.



Year One's Visit from the Mobile Farm! 

Year One had a visit from Fishers Mobile Farm today, Ben and Becky brought pigs, kids, ducks, rabbits, hens, a calf and a sheep to our school field. We had a lovely time asking questions about how to care for the animals and even learnt about which products come from which animals. All of the animals were so friendly and didn't mind being stroked! Thank you Ben and Becky we had a great time!