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Reception-Y1 Transition

A big welcome to Year 1!

Hello Reception, I am looking forward to meeting you all when you join me in Year 1 in September! I have been told how wonderful you all are and how well you have been working from home. We have got some exciting topics that we are going to be exploring together so take a look below! Our first topic is ‘Who is your Superhero?’. I hope you all have a lovely Summer and I cannot wait to see you all soon in Y1!

Stay safe 😊

Miss Chohan


Our topics

Autumn 1 – Who is your Superhero? 

Autumn 2 – What is so incredible about India?

Spring 1 - Why should we explore Polar regions?

Spring 2 - Which is our favourite animal story?

Summer 1 - Once upon a time who lived in a castle?

Summer 2 – Who are the magical creatures?

What will my child need to bring with them to school in September?

  • The only items your child needs to bring to school each day are their coat, their water bottle and an appropriate snack ( no nuts please)
  • Water jugs and cups will no longer be available in the classrooms. Each child must bring their own water bottle.
  • For the first few weeks children will not need a school bag.
  • All the equipment your child will need, including pencil cases, will be provided by school.
  • Your child will have their own personal resources, kept in their pencil case. This will minimise the need to share resources.


  • Packed lunches:   If required, a packed lunch can provided from home  as usual.


  • PE:  Children will still need a PE kit, please place this into a draw string bag that can be easily hung onto a coat peg.
  • Initially reading books will be kept in school. 
  • Teachers will inform you in September how they would like you to support your child’s reading skills at home.