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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to Y5

We have 26 children in our class. Our teacher is Miss Taylor and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cunliffe and Mrs Patel.

Using Photography to capture habitats and creatures living there.

Dissecting flowers

Learning Outside the Classroom

Ancient Greek Day

Making clay pots


MOSI visit

Space School

Still image for this video
Investigating fuel used to propel rockets into space.

Bridgewater Explorers

Y5 are Bridgewater Explorers!

Last Wednesday we went to the amazing Bridgewater Canal. We didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. It was amazing!

We created our very own Lego animations! They were set in the future. We did this because when the canal was made, they had trouble getting across the canal. So they decided to make an aqueduct. An aqueduct is some sort of transportation. The people who decided to create the canal used a bridge. We needed to make an obstacle that our Lego people had to get over e.g. a volcano. Then we had to make our own futuristic transport e.g. a flying house. Then we created our Lego animation and we showed our class. Everyone did one. That was really fun!

We then created our very own bags. We went foraging for fascinating things that we thought would look good on our bags, such as four leaf clovers, feathers and soil, and also moss. We then drew our very own designs inspired by pictures of the aqueduct, and also the canal. Then we traced over with a piece of see-through plastic. After that, our instructors placed our design under a special UV light with our design on top of a plain bag for 3 minutes. After that, the UV light transformed our bags into a dark green colour. Then we placed our bags in a tray of water. When our design touched the water it magically turned the bag blue and our design was clearly seen on the bag.

Bridgewater Canal was one of the best trips we have ever been to! We recommend this trip to other Y5 students. It is really good fun!

By Caitlin Cox and Amelia Hillan

See our Lego animations by clicking on this link.


Creating Space Art in the Style of Peter Thorpe

The John Rylands Library

Design & Technology

Y5 busy making pop up Christmas cards. Lots of careful measuring, folding and sticking needed!


Drawing with charcoal, using the illustrations from the The  Mysteries of Harris Burdick  by Chris Van Allsburg, as inspiration.

Who am I?

A mystery person has provided these images .

Can you guess what type of job they do?



Y5 met the Mystery person today!

Nicola Edwards, a Cardiovascular Scientist, who is part of the STEM Ambassador programme.

Nicola kindly gave up her time to come into school and talk to the children about her job.

Y5 have had a fantastic afternoon and have learned an awful lot.

Nicola has certainly inspired many of Y5 to study science when they are older.

Thank you Nicola!

A Visit from Greater Manchester Fire Service

Thanks to Greater Manchester Fire Service,  who gave up their time today to teach Y5 CPR, as part of the Restart a Heart Campaign.

Y5 listened really well and all tried out CPR on manikins.

For more information visit the British Heart Foundation website.

Y5 using i-movie to create adverts

Y5 used i-movie to create adverts for their chocolate bar creations.

They were able to add sound effects and record their own soundtracks.

They class then enjoyed watching the adverts created by their class mates.

Y5 making their chocolate bar creations!


Archive - Our time in Year 4

We had 26 children in our class. Our teacher was called Mr Varley and our teaching assistants were Mrs Patel and Mrs Foster.

Summer 2 Topic Map