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We currently have vacancies in our Nursery class for children aged 3 or turned 4 since the 1 September 2020. For more information contact the school office.
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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

We have 30 children in our class. Our teacher is called Mr Varley and our teaching assistants are called Mrs Foster, Mrs Sargeant and Miss Winstanley.
We had a fantastic day with Mr Egypt. He is an Egyptologist who kindly spent the day with us. We learnt all about how Ancient Egyptians lived their lives before having a go at some Egyptian maths and writing! In the afternoon we handled artefacts which were up to 5000 years old that Mr Egypt had found in real life tombs. We also had a mummy making contest and learnt dances!

Archive - Our time in Year 3!


We had 29 children in our class. Our class teacher was called Mr Brown and our teaching assistants were Mrs Foster and Mrs Patel.