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What is Methodism and who was John Wesley?

We are a Methodist school, and we are very proud of our links to the Methodist Church. Methodism began in the 18th century, and was founded by John Wesley. John, and his brother Charles, led a movement that was concerned for social justice, ending poverty and working among marginalised people, including prisoners. John Wesley believed that Christian living depended on doing things, as well as belief.

Everyone was included, and everyone was important.

John Wesley lived out his faith. He travelled on horseback, riding a quarter of a million miles in his lifetime, and preaching two or three times each day in the open air.

Wesley founded a school, and over the years nearly every Methodist church had a school attached, in order to provide a first class education. He believed that education was very important, because through learning we can help other people.

Our school encourages the values that John Wesley began, such as compassion, justice, generosity and friendship. We build on our relationship with our local Methodist Church through worship, Messy Church and regular assemblies.