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Care, Learn, Achieve


In Nursery our teacher is Mrs Bonney and our teaching assistants are Mrs Garfield and Mrs Skillen. There are 25 children in our Nursery.

Nursery had so much fun at their first Sports Day! They were all amazing and took part in running races, egg and spoon and an assault course. Well done Nursery!

Nursery enjoyed making fruit smoothies after learning about healthy food and how it grows!

Nursery had such fun when the Mobile Farm came to visit! It was a great end to our 'Who lives on the farm?' topic.

Early Years visited Church today for their Easter service. We learnt about the Easter story, some important Easter symbols that were in church (cross, candles, flowers) and we sang ‘Our God is a great big God’.

Nursery have loved hatching ducklings for their 'Who lives on a farm' topic. They have learnt about bird life cycles and were amazed when watching the ducklings hatch out inside the incubator! They are big enough to be in their cage now . Today we held them for the first time!

We have had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year!

Nursery have enjoyed starting their new topic 'How do we travel?' They have been designing and making some super transport junk models!

Nursery have enjoyed their science topic 'Our Senses'. Today we explored touch and taste during a food tasting session!

Nursery were amazing in our Early Years Nativity performances!

Nursery have been on autumn walks around our woodland trail. We listened to the wind blowing through the trees and swayed our bodies and acted out the autumn leaves falling down. We compared the colours and textures of the leaves (soft, crunchy, hard, etc). We found berries and talked about Harvest time and how the farmers collect and harvest the crops.

We have had a fantastic morning learning about, stroking and holding Nocturnal Animals. We are really enjoying our topic 'Who lives in the deep dark woods?'

Nursery have had a busy morning visiting the Church for Prayer Day. We worked with Reverend Garfield and Worship Council who helped us complete a rotation of 5 activities - paper chain prayers, fizzy prayers, contemplation bottles and quiet prayers, bubbles prayers, play-doh prayers This week we are going to set up our own quiet prayer space in the classroom with contemplation bottles.

Nursery have enjoyed exploring their new learning areas and meeting their new friends.