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Today Mr Bunting dropped off a bag full of letters and the children received a reply letter from the National Knights Organisation! The children's applications were successful and they are looking forward to being brave Knights!

Maths is Fun!

Applications to be a royal knight!

Year 1 have been looking at the different job roles within a castle. We later found a job advertisement from the National Knights Organisation looking for knights to defend and protect castles and so we sent off our applications. Let's hope we hear back!

The Kiss That Missed by David Melling. 

Year 1 have had lots of fun orally retelling the story, The Kiss That Missed and performing their story to their classmates.

Christmas crafts 15/12/20

How to catch Santa! 15/12/20

Year 1 had a special visitor in the classroom leaving behind some footprints! We also found a video from the security camera of Santa in our classroom! We came up with ideas of how to catch Santa again and drew our traps...

London Landmarks

In Geography, the children have been learning about our capital city London and have been comparing London to New Delhi in India. We have had lots of fun making 3D models of London's famous red telephone box!

Poppy Day

This week we have read the story, Where The Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson. Today we made a wreath from our handprints and a poppy, to remember the brave soldiers in the war.
Year 1 have enjoyed reading Supertato by Sue Hendra. We have had such a busy week with Supertato...