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Year 5

Welcome to Y5. We have 27 children in our class. Our teacher is Miss Kearsley, our teaching assistant is Mrs Mort and our class governor is Mrs Marshall. 

Summer 1 - What did the ancient Greek's do for us?

Spring 2 - Is There Anybody Out There?

Y5 drew a diagram showing how the Earth obits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth.

Spring 1 - What was Life Like in Victorian Britain

Testing air resistance - Science

Movie afternoon

Art - repeated prints

Autumn 2 - Who was Walter Tull? WWI/Remembrance Day.


Autumn 1 - Where Does Chocolate Come From? 

In Science we have been testing materials to see if they respond to magnets. 

In Topic, we have been creating ancient Maya glyphs. 

We designed and created our very own chocolate bar.