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Care, Learn, Achieve


Y6 Football Friendlies

Virtual Orienteering Challenge - Light Oaks Park - Salford 

Park address: Light Oaks Park, Salford, M6 7GN.

What do you do?

Using your map, find the start which is outside of the café within the park. The start and finish are in the same place and is marked as a triangle, the finish is a double circle.

Then follow each course in number order.

At the centre of each control numbered circle will be the answer to each question on your answer sheet. You must either find the missing word or number. The number of letters in each answer is stated next to each clue. Can you find all the answers?

Club information
Check out our club website for more trails and Orienteering events near you.

We hope you have fun

Many Thanks
South East Lancashire Orienteering Club

PE Everyday February Challenge

Virtual P.E. Lesson Resources 


January 2021 - PE Everyday Challenge

School Games Awards 2019/2020

Twitter Account @BmpSsports

Sports Council Mission Statement


We aim to promote physical education and healthier lifestyles across the whole school. We want to foster pride in participation, and make sport inclusive for all children.

We Believe in the School Games Values!!


Sports Council believe that sport should be played with the correct attitude. We believe that sport should be a way to bring everyone together. We believe sport is for everyone. For us, we think that our Sporting and Methodist Values should be at the heart of all our ideas and activities. Click below to find out about the School Games Values!

Sports Council - Questionnaire 


At our last meeting we decided that it would be valuable to access Pupil Voice. We thought about some of the things which we would like to find out about how students felt sport and PE was conducted in school. We have devised a questionnaire and asked for children to give relevant feedback.