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Y1 Home Learning Photos

On this page I will upload the pictures that are emailed to That way we can all see what fantastic work we have been busy doing in our time apart. This could be pictures of learning from the activities in the Home Learning packs or a new skill you have learnt! I am looking forward to seeing all of your pictures :)
Reeva has been working super hard at home, she has been really enjoying the English lessons with Miss Browne and has been practising spellings on the spelling shed, checking her friends scores on the leaderboard. She has also been doing lots of other activities such as baking, making friendship bracelets for her friends and spending lots of time in the outdoors exploring! Reeva even went on her first proper bike ride with Daddy too! Sounds look you have been having a fantastic time Reeva! 
Eleanor has a new African White Jade Land Snail! She has named it Rainbow dash and is doing a fantastic job looking after it! We are looking forward to hearing all about it when we come back to school Eleanor :)
Harry has created a fantastic piece of art work for the PTA competition. That looks amazing Harry, well done! 

Jake completed some fantastic work around The Tiger Who Came to Tea, one of my favourite stories!  Jake created a character list, storyboard and the story. He also then decided to redesign the front cover!  Brilliant work Jake :)

Jake also had a visit from the tooth fairy this week as he lost his second tooth!!


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Another lovely video from Y1 sending messages to their friends :)
What a fantastic video Y1! I've watched it lots of times now and got quite emotional! Missing you all lots and lovely to see your happy smiling faces :)


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Reeva has sent in some lovely pictures of the things she has been up to at home! She has been going on lots of adventure walks, baking, hand-making all of her VE decorations and she has even designed her own tshirt.  
She has been practising her reading and loves reading to her little brother and teaching him new words. She has enjoyed learning about mammals and amphibians and Reeva enjoyed watching the BBC bite size videos.
Hello to all my friends and teachers I miss you all, can’t wait until we can all see each other again properly.
Lots of love Reeva xxx
Maisie has been working hard at home with her younger sister. What a super big sister you are Maisie! 
Rhea has been working hard learning all about the weather! She has also been looking at the countries that make up Great Britain and where we live in England. She has made some videos of her being a weather reporter! Lovely work Rhea! :)

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Maisie has designed a beautiful picture for International Nursing Day next Tuesday. It is going to be sent to her Auntie Teresa who’s lives in London to be displayed on her hospital ward. Maisie, what a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do! I'm sure your Auntie and the other nurses and doctors working on the ward and the patients will all appreciate it. It will brighten up their day :)

Rhea has been working hard at home on her high frequency and common exception words. She has also been doing baking, playing, PE every day, yoga and maths.  Fantastic Rhea!

Rhea says "Hello year 1. I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you all. I miss you too Mrs Jones. Love Rhea x" 

Maisie has been super busy at home! She has been completing some maths and practising her spellings, amongst other activities. She has also been having lots of fun baking, playing in the garden and going on nature walks :) What a fantastic way to spend your time in this sunny weather!

Maisie says that she is missing all of her friends at school and her teachers. We all miss you too Maisie, keep having lots of fun!


Alia and her brother have been busy making cards to post to their grandparents this week. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to do Alia :)
Jake has been super busy at home! He has been learning to draw with the help of tutorials on YouTube -
lots of Superheroes and Star Wars characters - this sounds like great fun! He has also been practising spelling and numbers. He has been keeping super active doing daily Joe Wicks workouts and getting plenty of football practice
in! He is really missing all of his friends and teachers :) 

A message from Harry...

To Mrs Jones and all my lovely friends in year 1 and Mrs Smith and Mrs Wheeldon, I miss you lots. I hope you are all having fun at home though and staying safe. I can't wait for us to all be together having fun soon. Lots of love from Harry xx


Harry has been busy working on his spring maths activity book.  He also created a lovely rainbow picture which is in his window at home! I love your work wall Harry, you have some fantastic work on there, well done!  

Wow! Emily has been super busy at home! She has made a family tree and wrote a little book about closest family members, including an interview with her Grandma. She is also currently making a paper model of her house, I can't wait to see the pictures when you have finished :). She has also prepared a Goldilocks theatre show and painted a beautiful blossom tree picture. She also been keeping super fit spending lots of time in the garden, doing her exercises with Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga and also continuing with her weekly street dance and ballet classes. 

Fantastic Emily!!



A special message from Reeva....

Hello Mrs Jones and all my friends in year 1 I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again soon in class. Love Reeva xx

We all miss you too Reeva xx

She has worked hard and designed a new school uniform using the colours of the rainbow, what a wonderful idea! She has also been counting up all of her money from her money boxes, using her super maths skills! Fantastic work Reeva!    

Alia has been working  really hard with her maths. She's been learning about money amounts by setting up her own shop, very imaginative Alia!  She has also been working on her number bonds using the number blocks to help her. I've been watching the Number Blocks on Youtube a lot with my daughter too! Fantastic work Alia, keep up the good work :)  (Looks like you have a little helper on the picture too !)