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Care, Learn, Achieve

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Care, Learn, Achieve


Care This is the word that has to appear first in our Mission Statement as we all recognise that we need to take care of a child's personal needs as a priority.  We aim to gain children's trust to enable us to understand them as individuals and respect their opinions.  A safe and stimulating physical environment is essential in supporting this.  We aim to encourage all pupils to care for each other in the same way and become responsible citizens in our community.

Only when children feel safe, happy and secure are they in a position to access the education on offer.


Learn We strive to deliver a curriculum that inspires pupils to learn whilst developing essential skills and knowledge for their future.  We fully endorse the value of active learning, especially that beyond the classroom, to help support children in their understanding of the subject, to develop a richer understanding, empathy, tolerance and first hand experience. 


Achieve All the staff in our school are acutely aware of the need for children to experience success and to be proud of their achievements, in whatever aspect of school life that may be.  Our curriculum is adapted as necessary to ensure that all pupils receive the support and challenge that they require to achieve their potential and to widely celebrate these achievements.