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Care, Learn, Achieve


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Care, Learn, Achieve

Legal Requirements

The core of our curriculum is based around the guidance issued by the Department of Education (DfE) in the following two documents:


The Early Years Framework (2017) - Nursery and Reception



The National Curriculum (2014) – Year 1 to Year 6


These documents below summarise the requirements of the National Curriculum by Year Group

Whilst the above two documents are statutory we are free to supplement this with any other knowledge and skills that we feel are relevant to our pupils.



Each class teacher has the freedom to choose a topic for each half term or term that will allow them to deliver the all the relevant aspects of the curriculum for their year group through a theme that will inspire, engage and challenge their particular pupils.


Each topic should be chosen with quality texts in mind to ensure a high quality English tuition. Each year we allocate money to supplement class libraries to enhance these topics and encourage pupils to develop and love of literature.


For each topic the class teacher will produce a topic map which outlines the main objectives. These topic maps are available on the individual class pages on this website. Whilst I am proud that our curriculum encourages a creative approach from staff, we recognise that there are many aspects of the curriculum that require consistency, such as phonics, grammar, spelling and calculation. Our staff work extremely hard, in collaboration, to monitor and ensure this consistency. Our main toolkit for the teaching of phonics is that produced by the DfE, Letters and Sounds.

This is supported by banded reading books including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat.


We uitilise the ‘Penpals for Handwriting’ scheme by Cambrige University Press to support the development of letter formation alongside Read Write Inc




Visits and Visitors

All members of our school recognise the importance of high quality learning experiences. If relevant, staff will arrange a variety of visits, visitors or other experiences throughout the year. Experiences such as these do come at a cost which is why the governors and I allocate funds to substantially reduce or remove any costs to parents. Parents and pupils tell us how much they appreciate these creative experiences and how much they believe it contributes to their child’s engagement and enjoyment of our curriculum.


Christian Values

Our last inspection recognised that our school has a distinctive Christian ethos which underpins all aspects of work throughout the school and has a dramatic impact upon high quality relationships. It can be clearly seen and felt in all areas of the school life.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Our school is also committed to developing our outdoor spaces to take ‘learning outside the classroom’, but within the school grounds. We already have a small gardening area, a fantastic woodland trail, a storyteller’s corner and an outdoor lodge, and are looking to develop a woodland teaching space.


Support for Parents

Throughout the year we will hold a number of parents’ briefings to share how we teach aspects of our curriculum, such as phonics and maths and advise on how parents can support their child. Parents can visit the ‘Helping your Child’ section of our website to see powerpoint presentations from these briefings or documents such as our calculation policies.

Our staff will report regularly to parents giving them an indication of how their child is progressing against the expectations of the National Curriculum and their own personal targets. A written report is provided at the end of the Summer Term. Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to see a member of staff at any time throughout the year, by appointment.