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Spring 1 Value: Forgiveness
Care, Learn, Achieve

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

We have 30 children in our class. Our teacher is called Mr Varley and our teaching assisstants are called Mrs Foster and Mrs Sargeant.
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We had a fantastic day with Mr Egypt. He is an Egyptologist who kindly spent the day with us. We learnt all about how Ancient Egyptians lived their lives before having a go at some Egyptian maths and writing! In the afternoon we handled artefacts which were up to 5000 years old that Mr Egypt had found in real life tombs. We also had a mummy making contest and learnt dances!

Archive - Our time in Year 3!


We had 29 children in our class. Our class teacher was called Mr Brown and our teaching assistants were Mrs Foster and Mrs Patel.


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