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Spring 2 Value: Compassion
Care, Learn, Achieve


Welcome to Reception

Number day!  01/02/18

  • We wore numbers to support the NSPCC number day.

  • We have been baked gingerbread men, checked the amounts of ingredients, oven setting and timings.

  • Created our own charts with a variety of different questions to ask our classmates and recorded what we found out. We found out the most popular pet in reception is a dog and the least popular is a fish.

  • Estimated how many golden eggs we think there are in the class jar and recorded our findings.

  • Used play-dough to work out sums in subtraction smash.

  • Explored and ordered numbers in the woodland trail and outdoor areas during our number hunt.

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This week in gymnastics Reception have been practising straddles and jumping off equipment safely.


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We wrote letters to Santa and had a trip to Boothstown post office to post them.  

In Reception we have been ordering presents by size and weight.

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Reception have been reading 'The Little Red Hen'.

We have been busy writing the names of characters and have learnt all about making bread. After tasting different types of bread, we chose our ingredients, wrote the ingredients, wrote the method and made our own bread. Kneading is very hard work :)

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