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Dear Miss Armfield and Miss Kearsley

Hope your well; this is just madness that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks! I’ve been playing football in the garden with my dad, he says “I’m going to kick your backside at football…..” but I say “nope” and eventually kick his J. I’ve also been on the trampoline, which my dad only set up about 3 weeks ago.  This has kept me fit and it  is also good fun, unless I accidentally kick the ball at Emily and then she tells me off.

Although, to keep me and Emily busy we’ve planted some seeds and baked. We’ve been out having walks and I’ve been on my bike too. My mum isn’t letting me on my Xbox all the time even in the holidays! I mean, to be fair that is kind of a good option since I am on it a lot. I’ve been on spelling shed a lot lately, last time I looked I was first in year 5.

It’s been kind of boring sat at home doing some of the work that the teachers have set you because you have no one to talk to (although really you’re not allowed to talk in class anyway). I’ve been facetiming some of my friends which has also been good.

Hope this madness does not last too long and hope to see everyone soon.


 Anyway, as I said, hope your well.

From William James Y5 J