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A huge congratulations to all our new School Council members who will be working together from September. I know that you will all do your classmates and the school proud! 


A big thank you to the School Council members who have worked so hard this academic year and ran many new projects within the school. You should all be very proud of your achievements and the improvements you have made to our school this year. Well done! 


The new representatives are:

Y3 – L   Y3 - Lucy Syers and Joseph George

Y4 – E  Y4 - Emily Sorrigan and Ollie Hren

Y5 –     Y5 - Nyah Kavanagh and Jack Villasenor-Bowers

Y6 – B  Y6 - Bethan Birch and Finley Hargreaves


CongrCongratulations to all the new represenatatives!

Summer 2


School Council did a fantastic job of organising Democracy Week in school this week. This started with them leading an assembly on Monday, introducing the idea of a democracy and the right to vote and concluding with our election day today! Our ICT suite was transformed into a Voting Booth and each class took turns to come and vote for their elected class members for each of the three councils: School, Sports and Worship. 

An excellent job School Council, well done!


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Picture 3

Summer 1


A very successful half term! We organised our School Fun Run, which took place on the school field on the last Friday of the half term. EVERY child in school was involved, from Nursery up to Y6. During the course of the day, children took part in the sponsored run which involved them overcoming obstacles such as, travelling through tunnels, over hurdles, through nets and even being squirted with water by our teachers! 

We were sponsored to complete this event and the money raised will be put into our school fund to pay for our new school website. 

Well done to all our competitors, it was lovely to see such teamwork and encouragement taking place! 

Spring 2

During the half termly meeting with Miss Armfield, we discussed the difficulty children are having with the taps in the junior toilets and proposed purchasing taps which are easier to turn on and off. 

We also asked if it was possible to purchase a bike rack to enable more children to ride to school on their bikes and scooters and be able to leave them in a safe and secure place. 

Both of these suggestions are being looked into. 


We also discussed our fundraising idea of a School Fun Run in order to increase our school funds. We will be discussing this idea further in our meetings together.